The Health of Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies have been around for many years and get their name form the English Doctor Edward Bach, who discovered the effects of the flower essences back in 1930-36 after using them to treat patients suffering from distinct negative states of mind, like aggression, anxiety, fear and despair.  There are 38 different individual remedies in total but probably the most common remedy is Rescue Remedy which is made up of 5 individual remedies and aids in comfort and reassurance. 

These negative emotional disturbances are the gateway to further dis-ease, a weakened immune system leading to disease.  With the use of flower remedies the mind state becomes stable and the body's own ability to heal itself improves, helping to restore negative psychological imbalances, therefore restoring the overall balance of the mind and body in a safe way, free of side effects. 

By regulating negative vibrations and producing harmonious balance, flower remedies can have a dramatic effect on the immune system by activating positive energy.  So working on both an emotional and physical level.

Flower remedies are scientifically proven, they have no side effects, you cannot overdose and are perfectly safe to use on all animals.