Being a Craniosacral & Bio Resanance Therapist for many years, working with both people and animals, Janine Gillingham travels to many yards and stables seeing a variety of horses and ponies, each coping with different situations and changing environments. Having a passion for alternative medicine and doing things naturally, Janine wanted to find a way to help horses in between their treatment sessions.

She noticed that in many stables she visited there were natural Himalayan salt licks, which on their own are very beneficial, but Janine realised that by combining her therapeutic flower remedies with these salt licks, she could create a super charged natural salt lick allowing a horse to self medicate without doing any harm. Himalyx is a 100% natural and recyclable Himalayan salt lick with therapeutic properties for your horse. 


I’ve always had a passion for alternative medicine, constantly looking and researching for natural ways to treat myself, clients and animals. I have over 25 years of experience as a Sports therapist; I have trained in homotoxicology, mesotherapy and aesthetic medicine and now practise in Equine, small animal and human Craniosacral Therapy. I am an Advanced Level 4 equine therapist, having travelled to the United States to do my training with the Upledger Institute. I have 15 years of experience as a Bio Resonance Therapist, trained in both human and animal treatments, with a Diploma in Bio Resonance Medicine.


Animals are the perfect patients, never asking questions, doubting, or putting blocks in the way, so I have therefore had some amazing results with both CranioSacral and Bio Resonance Therapy. I wanted to provide horses something to help them in-between treatment sessions, this is how the idea of Himalyx salt licks came about. Not only are they of benefit between treatment sessions, they are also great ways in helping with their emotional and mental welfare. Sometimes we forget how immensely sensitive horses and ponies are and the stresses we put them under with different situations and demands which have an impact on their wellbeing. Flower remedies are very subtle but effective natural way of helping to deal with different mental, emotional and physical stresses which may present themselves as compulsive behaviours, ulcers, weight loss, riding, training and handling issues. Himalayan salt is a very nutritional supplement on its own and combined with the flower remedies provides an ideal home treatment.


As an alternative therapist and practitioner, I am committed to delivering a sustainable service and product, so therefore when putting the Gillingham’s Himalyx brand together it was very important to me to ensure the products and materials used came from a sustainable source. The Himalayan salt is a natural product that comes from the nutrient-rich water and soil in the Himalayan Mountains, I use a reputable supplier who is also committed to sustainability. All the packaging materials were sourced for their recycling properties and have the relevant FSV symbol, the rope was also chosen for its natural properties and to ensure it didn’t have a plastic core.