Premium horse and pony drops, a perfect alternative to using our salt licks, suitable for all horses for day to day life. Everyday can be used alongside any other Premium Drops in the Himalyx range.


Aspen – to reduce fear and to build greater courage and trust

Hornbeam – helps with motivation, vitality and a zest for life

Rock Water – effective for joints and arthritis, helps to relax and make horses more open to surroundings

Star of Bethlehem – helps to comfort and deal with past shock or trauma

Wild Oat – promotes greater stamina and satisfaction, retain interest in things for much longer

Shipping is £5.00 to mainland UK (50% discount for additional purchases)
For other destinations costs will be calculated at checkout.

All packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable, with the exception of the silver bag, that should be kept to maintain the quality of your salt lick when not in use.

Due to Himalyx being health products being consumed by equines, we are unable to accept any returns, unless the product is damaged on delivery.

Himalyx is not a replacement for veterinary treatment or proper training and stable management. Himalyx can be taken alongside other medications and is safe within doping regulations. There are no negative side effects with flower remedies and you cannot overdose.

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